Find out who the 4cLegal NFTs' holders are

The certificates issued by 4cLegal have been made NFT, an acronym that stands for "Non Fungible Token". These are digital representations registered on the Blockchain.
The certificates issued by 4cLegal in the form of NFTs are unique, indestructible and immutable, because the use of traceability guaranteed by Blockchain technology prevents them from being modified or counterfeited.
The accreditation of the professional who owns the 4cLegal NFT can be verified through the associated hash code - which is the element that uniquely identifies the NFT - by entering the code itself in the search bar on the site NFT section.

Enter the HASH code below and verify the NFT
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To manually check that the hash entered in the NFT is the same as the one indicated in the search field, you can copy the string below and use an online hash calculation tool such as this
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